State Judge Guidelines

As a state judge, discuss with the other judges, any changes in the scoring system you might use.  Please see the Judging score sheet for state on the judges guidelines and registration page.  For our national grant, I do need a spreadsheet of your scoring and comments.  As a group, y’all might build just one during deliberation.  Email this to

Morning judging:  Your goal is to identify the top two papers in your category which will then go on to the final competition after lunch.  The papers in your category should be ranked and feedback on the projects is helpful.  See the feedback form in the links from the judges guideline and registration page as a guide.  Concrete suggestions about experimental design and any insight on the subject matter can also help if the student has indicated they may continue with the project idea next year.

Afternoon judging:  This is to rank the five finalists, the top two will compete at nationals and the other three are encouraged to attend and do a poster presentation.  Their ranking does determine scholarship amounts so we need 1 through 5.  For the afternoon session, I do suggest that the papers and the statement of outside assistance be used when competitors are close in number score.  Professional papers should move ranking forward and students who did research that was original and with less guidance should move ranking forward.