AJAS Registration Process

  1. Do a science research project.  Research you have done this academic year, the summer before or the spring semester before that, after last years local paper reading, is subject to being presented this year.
    1. Prepare an abstract of your work
    2. Prepare a written paper of your work – lab report
    3. Prepare an oral presentation of your work as a power point.
    4. Record your ppt as a 12 min presentation in zoom (must be zoom to be compressed enough to transfer).
    5. Here are some resources:
       AJAS Information Flyer Visit the National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium website for the guidelines for the abstract, the paper, and the presentation.
      Basics of Experimental Design
      (NC Science Olympiad)
      How to do a Science Fair Project
      (prepared by Virginia Vilardi)
      An Animated Video on how to do a Science Fair Project
      (Brian Temmer)
  2. Register locally on this webpage, for a local judging and zoom meeting to defend your project.

    Click here to Register as a participant for one of the 11 Local AJAS-AMSTI Paper Reading Competition

  3. Present your work at one of the local competitions through AMSTI site near you.  Share your zoom recording with Dr. Jones, and participate in the AMSTI-site’s zoom meeting.  In this meeting, you will give a 2 minute introduction and then defend your project for six minutes.  If your experimental design is solid, the local judges may qualify you to present your work at the regional competition (AL Regional (state) competition).
  4. Register through ideal logic for state competition (see link below (TBD)) to sign up for the regional competition.  You will be asked to upload your paper, SOA and an abstract.
  5. A hard copy of your paper is needed at the State Presentation.  Retrieve these if you qualify to go onto finals in the afternoon of competition.  One paper from each category will go onto finals. If you qualify for finals, you are invited to national JSHS national competition and we will rank you to assign your participation at JSHS.  See www.JSHS.org  
  6. If you have any general questions, please email Dr. Mark T Jones at jonesmt@troup.org.
  7. Participants in AJAS should always remember their research can be the cornerstone of their Gorgas scholarship application.  See the Gorgas link from the home page.