Gorgas Teacher/Sponsor Recommendation Form

Alabama Science Scholar Search and Gorgas Scholarship Competition
Teacher/Sponsor Recommendation Form

Entrants must have one Teacher/Sponsor recommendation form submitted by a teacher or advisor who has known and worked with the student and feels qualified to recommend the student. Another form will be submitted by the supervising scientist. No other recommendations are needed.

Teachers/Sponsor should should send electronically from their school email, identify themselves and their teaching position.  Please use the student’s last name-Gorgas as subject line and send to gorgasscholarshipcompetition@gmail.com or ebbuckner@gmail.com

Please address the questions below:

  1. How long have you known this student and in what capacity? How does this student compare to students you have known during your teaching career?
  2. Please summarize your observations that would be useful to the judges in evaluating the student’s potential for contribution to science. These may include (but are not restricted to) scientific attitude, independence, initiative, originality, creativity, ability to improvise, problem-solving ability, and work ethic. (Please be specific and give examples.)
  3. Does the student have particular strengths in areas such as peer relationships, extracurricular activities, family or community life? Does the student have any principal weakness?
  4. To what extent is the research the work of the student? Did he/she do all that is claimed in the research report and on this Entry Form? If the work was developed with others describe the collaboration and the student’s role. (Note a supervising scientist’s form may also be required.)