Judge Guidlines and Registration

AJAS-1718-regional-judging-sheet 3-9-18
 AJAS 1718 judge defense questions

At the local level, we are focusing on good experimental design and also building up confidence in presentation.  Regardless of topic, we would like the participants ranked and we would like feedback about where within those ranks the experimental design begins to break down.  We would like feedback on both experimental design and presentation skills.  The top three from each region automatically receive an invitation to state.  All other participants will receive and invitation within 2 days of the last local competition.

At the state level, we are trying to select the best research in each category.  These student should show ownership of their projects and an independent project should be valued over one that was handed to the student.  Industry, higher education and home-grown projects can be equally judged by using the overall rank you achieve with the total score.  However it is during the questions, when the students defend their projects, that they can show their independence of thought.  So please consider my suggested questions above.  Use the scores to rank the students and take the top tier of students (with close scores) and use their papers to discuss who is best in category.

For the finals, please use the judging sheet to rank the students.  Take the top three scores and then use their papers to determine the top two and then who is first place and who is second.  The top two finalist should have strong presentations, a strong defense and a well written paper that shows their ownership of the project.  The competitors are receiving scholarships based on who is the top four, but the top two competitors will be presenting and competing at the next level for major scholarships.  The top two competitors should also have well written papers to be competitive at the national level.

Thank you for being a part of STEM education and its future.  Please register on the below form:

Local and Regional (state) Judge Registration