AJAS Local Paper Readings

Local Participant Registration    
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Statement of Outside Assistance

Alabama Local Competitions – registration deadline is due five days before competition.  Statement of outside assistance (SOA) should be scanned and emailed to the state director Dr. Mark T Jones mtjones@auburnschools.org.  Late SOA’s will be accepted with a scoring penalty for both local and regional competition. This document may not be altered once submitted and will follow the presenter to regionals (state) and nationals if applicable.

School / Region Date
Time Location
 Alabama State University 1/25/19 9 AM – 2 PM  Life Science Building Auditorium – deadline to enter 1/11/18
 Athens State University TBA 4:00 PM AMSTI Building, Athens University
 Auburn University 1/25/19 2:00 PM AU-AMSTI, 1900 Cunningham Drive, Opelika 
 Jacksonville State University 1/11/19 10:00 AM 2113 McClellan Center in Anniston
 Troy University TBA 9:00 AM  Extended Learning Center, TSU
 University of Alabama 1/23/19 12:00 – 5:00 PM UA/UWA Regional In-service Center Gym, Tom Barnes Building,UA Bryce Campus
 University of Alabama Birmingham 2/2/19 9:30 AM Campbell Hall, UAB
 University of Alabama in Huntsville 1/12/19 9:00 AM Room351, Shelby Center, UAH
 University of Montevallo TBA 10:00 Am – 2:00 PM 201 Harman Hall, UM
University of North Alabama 1/26/18 9:00 AM 221 Sci. Eng. and Tech. Building, UNA
University of South Alabama 1/12/18  8:30 AM Engineering/Computing Multimedia Room 2119