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Local Participant Registration



Statement of Outside Assistance

Alabama Local Competitions – registration deadline was Jan 18, 2021.  Students should self record a zoom meeting as a 12min presentation (see above link for more details).  You will defend your presentation at local competition.  State will be virtual and the you will present and defend. Statement of outside assistance (SOA) should be scanned and emailed to the state director Dr. Mark T Jones mtjones@auburnschools.org.  This document may not be altered once submitted and will follow the presenter to regionals (state) and nationals if applicable.

School / Region Date
Time Location
 Alabama State University 1/29 9AM Virtual
 Athens State University Virtual
 Auburn University 2/4 12PM Virtual
 Jacksonville State University Virtual
 Troy University Virtual
 University of Alabama 2/1 3:15PM Virtual
 University of Alabama Birmingham 2-11 3:30PM Virtual
 University of Alabama in Huntsville 2-11 1-2PM Virtual
 University of Montevallo 2/2 11:30AM Virtual
University of North Alabama Virtual
University of South Alabama 1/30 9AM Virtual