Register – AJAS Local Paper Readings

Below you’ll see the local competition times.  A table of participant names and titles.  A table of participant names and regional sites.

Local Participant Registration The deadline has passed.  You may register, but you must contact directly as well to be added.


Local student instructions 2122
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Statement of Outside Assistance


Alabama Local Competitions – registration deadline is Jan 17, 2024 to be guaranteed a local competition spot.  Students should self-record a zoom meeting as a 12 min presentation (see above link for more details).  You will receive a google-drive-link to submit this.  In the virtual meet, you will use 2 min to introduce your project and defend it for 6.  Judges may use some time to provide feedback.  If you are not done, just record where you are.  There is a separate state registration, and if more than 60 participants register, you will then be invited to state based on local observations.  A Statement of outside assistance (SOA) should be completed, an abstract, and the final paper (like a lab report) must be done.  

All registrations must be finalized by 2/6/24 to be included in the state program.  

School / Region Date
Time Location
 Alabama State University 1/24/24 9am – 12pm In person
 Athens State University 1/31/24 9:30am-11am Virtual
 Auburn University 1/30/24 10am-12pm Virtual
 Jacksonville State University 2/2/24 1pm-3pm Virtual
 Troy University     No contact
 University of Alabama 2/5/24 3:15 pm Virtual
 University of Alabama Birmingham 1/31/24 10am-12pm Virtual
 University of Alabama in Huntsville     No contact
 University of Montevallo 2/1/24 11 am – 1 pm Virtual
University of North Alabama     Cancelled
University of South Alabama 1/27/24 9 am-12 pm Virtual

As of 1/30/24 regional competition:  

Region:  See home page Name: (First) Name: (Last) Preliminary title
Athens McNair Shah A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Methods in Event Related Potential Decoding for ASD
Athens Eli Mrug Computation of Regions of Guaranteed Attraction of Parabolic Fixed Points
Athens Ananya Mohanraj Curvature of Volume-Time Curve  and its Utility as a Diagnostic Marker for COPD
Athens Madhushalini Balaji Development of a Software Platform that Performs Deep Brain Stimulation to Produce Synthetic Sight for the Visually Impaired
Athens Michael Mazur Improving Sleep Health Through Machine Learning Analysis
Athens Nicole Sazonov Music as a Markovian Process:  Dimensionality Reduction of Intervallic Data
Athens Prisha Sharma Projecting Transcontinental Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Trends
Athens Srihansi Sagi Using Machine Learning to Predict Transcontinental Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Trends to 2035
Athens Ashu Anand The Effects of Electrical Stimulation on Planaria Tissue Regeneration
AU Christopher Valeri 3D Printer Filaments Leaching Into Water
AU Will Bao Adapting Acoustic Absorbers for Highly Effective Noise Mitigation
AU Kevin Yan Developing a Novel Autonomous Wildfire Mitigation System Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Time-Series Forecasting
AU Annie Bao Modifying Oncolytic Adenovirus for Osteosarcoma Treatment
AU Mira Menon On the Tully Fisher Relation for AGN Host Galaxies
AU Edwin Wu Smart  Assistive Senior Care
AU Minlu Wang-He SmartSpray: A Effective, Efficent Sprinker Nozzle
AU Rhea Rastogi Understanding How the Maternal Epigenetic Reprogramming Function of LSD1 Contributes to Inherited Developmental Disease
JSU Joshua Minnon Calculating the Speed of Light
JSU Greyson Marker Effect of Fabric Denier on Fall Time of a Parachute
JSU Serena Agrawal Female Athlete Triad — Are Coaches in Alabama Aware of this?
JSU Isabel Polhemus Female Athlete Triad- Are coaches in Alabama aware of this ?
JSU David Naylor Making an app for helping food banks, pantries, and food insecure people
JSU Rayaan Damani Power with every step
JSU Alyaan Damani Power with Every Step
JSU Arturo Briseno The App That Recycles
UA Mustafa Gurbuz Cleaning Up the World’s Oceans with ROV-Mounted DNN-Based Underwater Laser Image Recognition
UA Adonay Mahatsente-Tewelde Cleaning Up the World’s Oceans with ROV-Mounted DNN-Based Underwater Laser Image Recognition
UA Gabe Gordon Frontier-Based Exploration Adapted to Search for Moving Targets with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
UA Connie Guo Improving the Efficiency of the Transformer Architecture During Inference Using Nanophotonics
UA Ambrose Brown Measuring EM Wave Speed on a Wire Using FMCW
UA Yiwen Wang Producing Sustainable, Cost-Effective Aluminum-Sulfur Batteries Through the Synthesis of a Graphite-Sulfur Composite via Sulfur Vapor Deposition Method
UA Rhyana Mahatsente Voxel Based Morphometry of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy for Detection of Ictal Impaired Consciousness
UA Nathan Lee Wireless Robot for Sewer Pipe Exploration
UAB David Wang A Dynamic Energy Saving Facade Utilizing Low-Cost Thermoresponsive Polymersomes
UAB Varsha Vinoy Application of Plasma Treatment on the Polydopamine Coated 3D Printed Polymer Scaffold
UAB Greeshma Vinoy Assessing Environmental Toxicity Across Varied Habitats Through Daphnia Magna Analysis
UAB Alexander Kim Association Between Airway Wall Thickness and ECAC Adjusting for Demographics and Interesting Clinical Factors
UAB Natascha Helfrecht-Kannady Association Between Concussion History and Perceived Psychological Distress in a Sample of American High School Football Athletes
UAB Conrad Feng Cyclic strain promotes MCP-1 expression in Dahl Salt Sensitive (SS) rat vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) through the TGF-β pathway
UAB Nicholas Godwin Dietary Ketone Esters Slow Renca Renal and 4T-1 Mammary Cell Lines
UAB William Peng Effect of lncRNA NEAT1 Knockdown on Direct Cardiac Reprogramming
UAB Jakub Hel Effect of Solvent Polarity on the Rate of SN1 Reactions
UAB Deepakkumar Sathishkumar Exploring T Cell Aging Across  Multiple Tissues in Mice
UAB Rishi Yellamraju Identification of doxorubicin-treatable cancer gene mutations through quantitative high-throughput cell proliferation of yeast
UAB Aanchal Behara Localization of Frontotemporal Dementia Risk Gene Rab38 to Glutamatergic Neurons: Implications for Selective Neuronal Vulnerability
UAB Zubayr Rasheed ?
UAB Leonardo Hernandez Nuclear Science
UAB Abhai Anand Parametric Design Optimization of Soft Pneumatic Network Actuators for Rehabilitation
UAB Clark Baty Simulating Solar Panel Efficiency Under Varying Dust Storm Conditions
UAB Albert Chen Simulating Solar Panel Efficiency Under Varying Dust Storm Conditions
UAB Bellamy Williams The Effect of Pectins on Copper Sulfate Extraction in Water
UAB Monisha Bommu The effect of PM2.5 on Mental Health
UAB Maria Lopez The Harm Of Our Water
UAB Cynthia Liu The Molecular Basis for Female Sex Predisposition of Autoimmune B Cells in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
UAB Noah Lowry Transformer networks using mpMRI and radical prostatectomy samples: beyond dominant lesion segmentation
UM Aiden Khansaheb AJAS Water Heaters Year Two
UM Peter Nichols AJAS Water Heaters Year Two
UM Matthew Nguyen D.O.W Sonar
UM shafeeq keshwani electromagnetic train
UM Jorge Sanchez Electromagnetic train
UM Darvin Ford Flow-Off
UM Advitiya (Diya) Kana In Two Minds
UM Reagan Kelley Is biomass a good indicator for the effects of light pollution?
UM Syeda Fatima Leaf Pack
UM syed rizvi leaf packs
UM Michelle Torres Romo leaf packs
UM Abby Gobbels Quantifying the Potential of Reforestation (as a Sustainable Solution) in Mitigating PM 2.5 Pollution in Urban Schools
UM Suhani Jeewani Recycle for better
UM Connor Pritchett Sustaianable Water quality
UM Krish Nathan Sustainable Water Filtration System
UM Tabitha Clary The correlation of a school’s distance from a major highway and its air pollution.
UM Levi Gels The use of electromagnetic in space transportation
USA (University of South Alabama) Denish Paudel Cell life of banana with Aloe Vera
USA (University of South Alabama) Kim Pham Maladaptive Daydreaming Mediates the relationship between Personality and Academic Performance.
USA (University of South Alabama) Jewel McCrary The Effect of Perceived Appearance on Body Schema Integration in the Rubber Hand Illusion
USA (University of South Alabama) Irene Park The Effect of Roundup on Drosophila Feeding
WCCS/ASU Parker Thompson Analysis of Harmful Chemical Residues in Common Clothing
WCCS/ASU John Belew Analysis of Robotics in Cultivation of Agriculture
WCCS/ASU Joseph LeFevre Are you safe?  A Study on Better Alternatives to Traditional Motorcycle Protection
WCCS/ASU Jackson Rodriguez Can LIDAR Navigate an Environment?
WCCS/ASU Sumin Park Effects of Sublethal Methylmercury on Telencephalon and Hippocampus Volume of Zebra Finches
WCCS/ASU Whitley Shull Furthering Agriculture Through Automated Buoyant Hydroponic Pods
WCCS/ASU Jennie Pohm Gauss Effect
WCCS/ASU Walter Lynch Keeping Dirt in its Place
WCCS/ASU Hayden Mckenzie Luminal luminosity
WCCS/ASU Ashley Fulmer Peter Piper’s Pick of Perfect Peppers
WCCS/ASU Jason Bailey Qualitative and quantitative analysis of various bottled water brands and local tap water.
WCCS/ASU Dominic Vilardi Sleep Zone: How long is necessary to feel well?
WCCS/ASU Lillian Vilardi Solving the issue with Microplastics
WCCS/ASU Charles Stokes The Physical Health Effects of VR