Gorgas Scholarship Competition

Gorgas Scholarship Competition

& Alabama Science Scholar Search

Deadline for receipt of 2021 electronic entry is Monday January 18, 2021. Send to gorgasscholarshipcompetition@gmail.com (preferred) or  ebbuckner@gmail.com and include Gorgas in Subject line.

Applications for the 2021 competition may be submitted directly to the Chair, Dr. Ellen Buckner. Deadline for receipt of electronic entry is Monday, January 18, 2021.  Send to gorgasscholarshipcompetition@gmail.com (preferred) or  ebbuckner@gmail.com and include Gorgas in Subject line.

Receipt will be acknowledged. 

New for 2021! Official transcript should be sent by electronic service or directly from the school.  Letters of recommendation and page 1 of application should be sent electronically. No materials should be sent in paper copy. Use student last name and Gorgas in subject line of emails. Send to gorgasscholarshipcompetition@gmail.com (preferred) or ebbuckner@gmail.com. 

Final judging will be held virtually on Friday, March 19, 2020. This competition is for High School Seniors only. See complete information and entry instructions located on the website at  http://alabamajunioracademyofscience.org/home/gorgas-scholarship-competition/

            Entrants must have a scientific paper describing original research or project.  Scientific work may have been done in conjunction with a summer science program or year-round supervised work. It may have been presented at other science fairs or paper competitions. Gorgas Scholars compete for more than $10,000 in Scholarships and most Alabama Colleges and Universities offer additional scholarships.

          The Gorgas Scholarship Program is named for General William Crawford Gorgas, the Alabama physician who conquered yellow fever in the Panama Canal Zone. The purposes of the Gorgas competition are to promote interest in science and to aid in the education of promising students.

          The Alabama Science Scholar Search and Gorgas Scholarship Competition is a program of the Alabama Academy of Science and the Alabama Power Foundation. For questions, contact:

Dr. Buckner, Chair, at ellen.buckner@samford.edu OR ebbuckner@gmail.com or (205) 910-9877, or

Dr. Mark Jones, AJAS State Director  mtjones@auburnschools.org.

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