1. Who can compete in AJAS and The Gorgas Scholarship competition?

    AJAS is for 9th through 12th grade students who win in regional competitions or are sponsored by a local teacher who will vouch for their project. The Gorgas is for 12th graders only.
  2. What are the benefits of competing at the AJAS state competition or the Gorgas Scholarship Competition?

    Both AJAS state competition and the Gorgas Scholarship competitions add the component of a scientific paper. The AJAS competition provides prizes for top performers. The top three finalists for Alabama receive tuition scholarships, awarded at $2000.00, $1500.00, and $1000.00. The top two finalists are invited to participate at the National JSHS Symposium and compete for more scholarship money. The Gorgas Scholarship Competition actually provides scholarships to most Alabama universities and colleges. See this link for a list of scholarship opportunities.
  3.  Why should I join or have my science group join AJAS?

    The Alabama Junior Academy of Science provides a certificate of membership and access to over a hundred cooperating Alabama professors in all disciplines for research support. Becoming a chapter allows your science organization to participate in the annual meeting to include providing nominations for officers to the AJAS and access to the community on our facebook page. Finally, you and your science peers should have the advantage of direct experiences through the AJAS science-paper reading competition which competes for scholarships. It provides access to the
    National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. Participating in AJAS prepares you for the Gorgas Scholarship Competition. Club Membership Submission Form
  4. Who are the Officers and what do they do?This years officers were nominated and voted for at the state competition. Any student competing can run for office and any students attending can cast one vote per school represented. The president addresses the conference and is part of decision making processes during the year. The vice president will help the president as needed or stand in for them when needed. Public relations contact clubs and promote the spreading of competition. Multimedia may be asked to do digital work for the sake of the webpage.
  5. What is the Gorgas?
    A science-paper reading competition that is for 12th graders only and provides scholarships including full scholarships to many Alabama colleges and Universities.  See past participant interviews.
  6. Submit questions to Dr. Mark T Jones mtjones@auburnschools.org