Reimbursement Worksheet

Reimbursement Guide for Teachers and Student Participants:

1516 mileage to UNA 1516 Reimbursement Worksheet-

Reimbursements:  for substitute (if needed and your school is not paying, up to two), mileage per participant (with a carpooling incentive), and food tickets provided. 

A worksheet will be made available in the near future so that you may calculate and document your reimbursement.  Turn this into Dr. Mark T Jones, with a SASE and a reimbursement check will be mailed to you asap.

1.  AMSTI site reimbursement to site of regional competition is $.10/mi.  Carpooling adds $.05 per mi per participant carpooling.  Example, a teacher and 3 students (all participants) traveling together will be reimbursed $.25/mi ($.10 plus 3 more in carpool($.05 ea)).

2.  If your system is not paying for a substitute, teachers may request a substitute reimbursement.  This can be for a half-day Thursday and a whole-day Friday as needed.  This reimbursement is at $75/day. Two teachers may apply if more than 3 participants are riding with teachers to the competition.  To document, I need a note from principal, on school letterhead, stating substitute assistance is needed and to reimburse the school.  If a veteran teacher is inviting a new teacher, regardless of participants, please email Dr. Mark T Jones at email below.

3.  Students and teachers will have a banquet and lunch ticket purchased for them if requested during registration.  Teachers’ may turn in breakfast receipt for Friday.  If you request a banquet ticket and do not use it, the price we pay for this ticket will be deducted from mileage reimbursements up to the price of the ticket, which varies from year to year but is about 25 to 30 dollars.

4. Mileage will be compensated per this table.  It is set to encourage carpooling.  Only presenters or Teachers are considered a person carpooling.

1516 AJAS mileage chart UNA.  (link inactive 2-1-16 mtjones)

5.  Teachers may turn in one hotel room receipt per school for a $50 reimbursement.

Teachers, please contact me about any other needs.

Dr.  Mark T. Jones