2022 Participant and Teacher registration

The first step is to register by submitting the form below.  In addition, for AJAS, Thursday includes an optional poster session that you must reserve a table for.  You must email Dr. Jones your SOA and abstract (see the state information page).  On the information page is the Thursday and Friday program and a link to Athens State University and campus map.  You will receive an email to enter data for our national grant.  You should do this before or at check in.  Five finalists will be selected to travel to JSHS.  The 60th National JSHS will be held April 20-23, 2022, as an in person competition in Albuquerque, NM.

State Registration, Participants and Mentors

  • Note - parents or others that are not student participants or teachers should register on the Tuskegee website to order a banquet or lunch ticket.
  • Student Participants, AMSTI and Teachers

  • Participants who are AJAS, GORGAS or sponsor teacher will receive complimentary banquet and lunch tickets:

  • The national competition will be an all-expense paid trip to Albuquerque New Mexico.
  • Food Requirments - participants only

    Any one other than student participants, teachers or judges should sign up for banquet tickets or lunch tickets on the AAS main page (you'll need to pay for these).
  • This only applies if you plan to register and go to the banquet on Thursday night.
  • Poster session is required for GORGAS and optional for AJAS presenters for Thursday night before the banquet: