AJAS Officer Elections

Officers would be elected during the AJAS business meeting.

 Position  Requirements  Duties Current 1718 1819
 President  Senior and last year’s VP. (1 year term)  Main mission from State Director  Rohan Badve/Alexis Jones Noel Lange/Ritikraj Arya
 Vice President Sophomore and veteran presenter  Assists President  Noel Lange
Need a junior male veteran presenter
Secretary Assists next year’s elections Rachel Barnes
 Media Any 4 students who are freshmen or sophomores (2-year term) Interviews and mixing.  Content search for web construction.  Facebook editor per month
 Treasurer one student and veteran Assist in state Reimbursements during business meeting Madeline Forbes
Communication 5 Science fair ambassadors to pass out fliers for us.

Must participate in science fair



Search and collect teacher contacts.  Fliers for local and state science fair.  Report on our Face Book Page.  UAB (CARSEF)
Mobile (MRSEF)
West Fair (WARSEF)North Fair (NARSEF)
East fair (GEARSEF)
 Aniket Pant

Scotty Dennis

Jamie Linn

Secretary: Rachel Barnes
Treasurer:   Madeline Forbes
Communications: Aniket Pant, Scotty Dennis, Jamie Linn

To nominate yourself, please write up a 1-2 min introduction of who you are, what leadership you have and what competition in science you do.  Email to mtjones@auburnschools.org.  In addition, go to our Facebook page, AJAS, join and post your introduction.