A complete state’s (regional) registration.

  1.  Teachers and student participants, complete the initial form on the previous page to confirm your involvement, double check your category and title and reserve a table if you want to do the optional poster session on Thursday night.
  2. Teachers, email me if you would like to accompany the five finalists to nationals.  There is a $500 award for your school from JSHS to support this.
  3. Fill out all demographic information on the link from the home page that says “May we have your information.”
  4. Go to the Regional page by the University of South Alabama and register that you will be on campus.  This should be done by participants, teachers, parents and family members that will be present.  This allows USA to have the correct number of banquet and lunch tickets (free to participants and teachers but family members must purchase.  It also allows them to estimate numbers on campus at different times.  This page also has instructions about being on campus.
  5. Book a hotel.  There are two near campus:
    Hampton Inn & Suites Mobile Providence Park/Airport 525 Providence Park Drive East, Mobile, AL 36695
    Homewood Suites by Hilton, 530 Providence Park E., Mobile AL 36695.Students continue as follows:
  6. Fill out a Statement of Outside Assistance in careful detail.  Email this and an abstract (400 words or less) to mtjones@auburnschools.org before Feb 18, 5 p.m. to get credit.  This will help to judge originality and creativity and insure good questions for your defense.  Please put AJAS, your category and your first and last name in the subject line.  Please type your title in the first line of the body and attach the abstract and SOA.
  7. Prepare your powerpoint to be a 12 minute presentation with a 6 minute defense of questions.
  8. Provide three copies of your paper and powerpoint handouts (6 slides per page) to the judges when you compete Friday morning.  These will help the judges deliberate if they see that presentations are very close.  Retrieve these from Dr. Jones if you are selected for the finals, so that you can give these to the final judges as well.
  9. If you are selected a finalist, after the final five are ranked, please stay behind.  You will receive a finalist invitation to go to nationals and paperwork will be mailed to you about any scholarship information.  You have until March 10th to notify Dr. Jones of your commitment to go to nationals.
  10. Nationals this year are April 26-30, 2017, San Diego..