Complete information for a state’s (regional) competitor’s registration.

Complete Guide to State Registration

  1. In general, Thursday is optional. We have the SCI-Mix posters (Gorgas is required), banquet and guest speaker.  Friday is the competition beginning at 8 am.  Category winners move to finals after lunch and are invited to compete at nationals.  First and 2nd place are oral presenters at nationals.  You will need to check in on Thursday or first thing Friday morning.
  2. Check that your available for national competition at
  3. Register on AJAS webpage for state. This includes your teacher if they come.
  4. Check that your title and category is correctly posted on the AJAS webpage.
  5. Look at or he AJAS webpage for the judging rubric.
  6. Email you SOA to Dr. Jones at Put SOA,  category and name in the subject line.
  7. Email and abstract to Dr. Jones separately. Put abstract, category and your name in the subject line.
  8. At competition, you will need your ppt on a flash drive. Make a presentation back up.  You will need three paper copies of your research paper, and it is good to have a paper copy of your SOA.
  9. Non-competitor needing a banquet ticket Thursday or lunch ticket Friday will need to link over to AAS webpage and purchase them under the AJAS plan.
  10. Inform your school ahead of time of your absence and why.
  11. Arrange a car pool with other competitors. Officers will be required to mentor a younger student so consider bringing spectators.  We have training on Friday, during the morning sessions, for future competitors.
  12. Locate the competition and the map for parking near our site on campus.
  13. Book a hotel room if needed. See details on the main registration page.
  14. When you arrive on campus, you will check in with Dr. Jones and the designated registration site on Thursday before the Sci-Mix or Friday morning outside the competition rooms before 8:00 AM.
  15. Give 2 copies of your paper to judges in the morning competition.  If you make finals, you will need to give another copy to Dr. Jones when finalists are announced.   Papers will be discarded after competition.
  16. If you are a national finalist, you must quickly confirm you can go or we will have to choose an alternate.