2018 Participant and Teacher registration

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The first step is to register by submitting the form below.  In addition, for AJAS, Thursday includes an optional poster session that you must reserve a table for.  Lastly, you must registeryour data with our national source of funding.  This can be done from the link above or from the main page menu.  Five finalists will be selected to travel on May 2nd to 5th for an all-expense, paid trip to Hunt Valley, Maryland for further scholarships.

State Registration, Participants and Sponsors

  • Participant's and Teachers

  • Participants who are AJAS, GORGAS or sponsor teacher will receive complimentary banquet and lunch tickets:

  • The national competition will be an all-expense paid trip to Hunt Valley, Maryland.
  • Food Requirments - participants only

    Any one other than participants or teachers should sign up for banquet tickets or lunch tickets on the AAS main page (you'll need to pay for these).
  • Poster Session is required for GORGAS and optional for AJAS for Thursday night before the banquet: