1516 AJAS State Q and A

Follow up about any questions to Dr. Mark T Jones (mtjones@auburnschools.org)

Q1 When is state and the banquet?
A1 registration page has information it is the link with UNA off of the main page.

Q2 I have made reservations and registered on the state link.  Is that all I need to do?
A2  I have a few agenda items I will email you, but for now, yes.  I will be emailing about club membership and officer elections soon.

Q3 Do you pay for substitutes for teachers?
A3 Yes, the reimbursement page has been sent to teachers.

Q4 We were having trouble registering.
A4 See the main state page, the form for general registering is there.

Q5 Can you reserve a banquet ticket for my husband?
A5 Family of teachers and participants, must go to the Alabama Academy of Science web page.  The link is off of our main page.  There is a tickets only option for anyone who is not a presenter, sponsoring teacher or judge.

Q6 Did I make it to state?
A6 I have emailed out invitations to all regions except ASU.  I have also emailed lists to sponsoring teachers.  Please ask them to confirm if you have not received an email.  Have them email me with questions.

Q7 What is local, regions, state, nationals?
A7 We have 11 AMSTI/University local competitions.  Because of how Science Fair and Science Olympiad is worded, those are sometimes referred to as regional’s-type competitions.  They are locals to us.  Our regional is our state competition at the AAS conference.  This is parallel with what the national organization calls them.  The National competition is done by www.jshs.org and five participants are invited to that from our State/Regional competition.

Q8 Why are Local competitions ranked no matter category and regional/state is within category competition first.
A8 Numbers of participants fluctuate per local.  We hope to take the top three in all locals.  the ranking is so that once those 33 are invited to state/regional, that the categories can be filled in with top-ranked local competitors that are not top three, but fit the categories we need.  this way we get the best in each category to send to national competition.  National competition categories fluctuate a lot so this guarantees that Alabama has a diverse group of top-ranked competitors.

Q9 How can you have locals with different judges?
A9 Locals are made for crowd control and to allow the local teachers, university professors and AMSTI specialist to collaborate.  In addition, not all new comers would be interested in traveling to state if they are not experienced enough to know they could win.  Locals provide a cheaper proving ground.

Questions?  Send to Dr. Mark T Jones, State AJAS Director, mtjones@auburnschools.org