AJAS Samford University March 9 and 10.

See the table below of what presenters need to have together before doing the CVENT registration.  You will gather all CVENT documents first and submit them in the registration in one sitting.
*Dr. Jones email jonesmt@troup.org


All presenters, teachers and mentors should register in CVENT.  Presenters, pass this link on to them.  All delegates, guests and family members who attend the meeting should register here.  Presenters, pass this link on to them. 

Family members attending with participants, need to register on the AAS webpage and purchase optional Th banquet tickets and optional Friday afternoon lunch boxes.  The Drury Inn has a block for AAS conference.  Click here for AAS.

DELEGATIONS – register all students and teachers here.  We need to know if you need banquet tickets Th night and lunch on F.  Reimbursements are up to $250 or $450 (title 1).  Travel is 0.65 per mile, hotel and sub.  Hotels nearby include Best Western, La Quinta, Residence and Hampton near Samford University.  If sub support is needed, please have your financial secretary send jonesmt@troup an invoice for the sub.  Find out whom the check/s should be written to.  If your needed support, goes over the amount, please prioritize if multiple checks are needed. 

Total list of things you need to know or do.


1  2023 state program per local registrations.

2 Document
Statement of Outside Assistance (required).

3 Prepare SOA with teacher and mentor signature

4.  Prepare Abstract

5 Prepare lab report

6 Register in CVENT and submit all documents

7. Remind teacher and mentors to register in CVENT (even if not coming to state)

8.  Remind guests, family and peers who are coming to state to register in CVENT

9.  All guests coming to state should register through the AAS website official web page to purchase Th banquet of F lunch tickets as needed

10. Thursday program for AJAS (optional) Scimix posters

11. Th poster session per local registration

12. Friday program for AJAS – live ppt presentations and finals after lunch

13. Print out hard copy of paper and SOA to turn in at registration at state

14. Samford University link and map


15. STEMM officer information


Core rules of competition

State Judging rubric

*Dr. Jones email jonesmt@troup.org