AJAS Regional Registration (Tuskegee – state competition)


Your Data Needed for National Source 1819 Invited participants Officer Election  1819 Reimbursement for teachers
Competitor’s Complete Guide to State Registration  Visitors register banquet and lunch tickets  Club Membership 1819 Officers
Register as a Student Participant or Teacher
  Statement of Outside Assistance  1819 Finalists
 Our National Page for finalists


All those that come to the AJAS meeting, should give us your data needed for our national source through the above link or from the home-page main menu.

This page allows you to register as a participant or teacher, has a link for all the important parts to being a participant, it allows delegates to register (you can attend training and vote and run for officer), and schools to become members

Regional AJAS competition is at Tuskegee University on February 21st through 22nd.  For a competitor’s complete registration, see the above link.  The banquet is Thursday night and is optional (ticket must be reserved).  Competition starts first thing Friday morning.

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