AJAS Regional/state competition March 19. 

All State per Category

Three semi finalists per category:

Engineering Life Medicine Environmental Physical
Ben Davis Pierce Robinson Remy Cron Avery Pyles Makaila Jennings
Ashraf Mansour Shavani Babu Ashwin Prabhakar Hailey Holbert Luke Tessier
Javon Jennings Bailey Worrell Vilardi and Sheeren Jordan Jennings Logan Hammack

Finalists per category:

Ashraf Mansour Shavani Babu Ashwin Prabhakar Avery Pyles Makaila Jennings

Finalist Ranking

1 Ashwin Prabhakar 2 Makaila Jennings 3 Ashraf Mansour 4 Shavani Babu 5 Avery Pyles

National competition 4/13 – 17.


How does our competition allow you a science experience?

How can this experience influence you as a student?

AJAS 1819 co-president explains how she has moved from experience to experience in science research.

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