AJAS – a Scholarship competition for Alabama that qualifies finalists to go to the national JSHS.  The Junior Science and Humanities Symposium is a national research competition sponsored by the tri-services in partnership with education outreach programs (see below).

Click here for info on the 2023 state competition.

It will be at Samford University on March 9th and 10th in congruence with the Alabama Academy of Science annual conference.

Finalists will qualify to compete at the JSHS annual competition in April.  Click here to see national symposium info.

Click here if you are interested in being an officer?  Do what you need to do to populate the college applications and your resume.

Teachers and students who are 8th and 9th grade, want to visit us to see what’s going on?  Travel stipends available!  For new membership and DELEGATES, register here


Click here for the Alabama Science trail and  research ideas and contacts

Online mentoring available through zoom.   Would you like access to a Gizmo platform to explore research ideas with online inquiry applications that have many variables to manipulate?  Email with gizmo in the subject to Dr. Mark T Jones (jonesmt@troup.org).
How does our competition allow you a science experience?

How can this experience influence you as a student?

AJAS 1819 co-president explains how she has moved from experience to experience in science research.

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